About Us

Non-moving inventory purchaser 

Palm Harbor Medical is one of the nation’s largest purchasers of slow-moving and obsolete inventory.  Facilities continually commit resources to count and inventory non-movers and obsolete products wasting time and money.  Surgical disposables are increasingly important as many of these products are very expensive and carry expiration dating.  Because doctors change their products regularly, many facilities are stuck with non-moving inventory sitting on their shelves.  Since most customers cannot return the product, Palm Harbor Medical is the stop-gap.   You no longer have to wait until your items expire and simply throw them away.  We have customers waiting for certain styles and many Purchase Orders are cut within 24 hours from receipt of a list.  Click here for a sample inventory template. 

Discount seller 

We purchase thousands of long dated, sterile disposables and market these at a discount to domestic based surgical facilities.  Our clients save thousands of dollars each year purchasing from Palm Harbor Medical.  We have bought or sold to all major hospital consortiums and groups in the U.S.  We have also purchased from nearly one thousand domestic based surgical facilities.  Our customers, some who’ve been with us for over a decade, save money without switching products on their doctors.  We’ve shipped millions of surgical disposables and have a proven track record delivering products safely into any surgical environment.

Safety and Liability  

We’ve proven for over a decade that we are a safe distributor of single use in date disposables.  A copy of Palm Harbor Medical’s liability certificate is available to any U.S. based surgical facility, upon request.